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Tasty Sauces from Nature to Your Table

We created recipes for indispensable sauces convenient for Turkish palates, to be served with both main dishes and snacks that we consume frequently during the day.


Organic dried tomato ketchup and organic barbecue sauce, which can accompany your every meal, are prepared with crops with good agricultural practices in our fields in the Aegean Region of Turkey.


Intense Consistency and Flavor

You can prepare delicious meals by marinating red and white meat with this barbecue sauce. Just make sure that you distribute the sauce evenly when using the sauce for marinating red and white meat. 


Dried tomato ketchup is a sauce that goes perfectly with French fries and it can be a great sauce base for your own recipes. 


These sauces prepared with preservative- and additive-free crops will be indispensable on your table with their intense consistency and flavor. Just choose one of Jr. SousChef's delicious sauces and add to your basket!

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