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What You Should Consume Abundantly on Stressful Days

The food we consume during the day has a great impact on the quality of life and our energy. A light, satisfying, and healthy breakfast in the morning can make you feel more dynamic and vigorous throughout the day whereas fatty foods can cause you to feel weak because they put the body in a digestive battle. Or a bar of small chocolate that you consume when your morale drops and your stress levels rise can increase your mood and make you feel better.

Foods that are good for reducing tension and stress are usually evaluated with their psychological effects. However, there are also foods that regulate the hormone levels of the body and thus, reduce the stress level thanks to the ingredients they contain. You can feel much better both physically and emotionally by adding stress-reducing foods to your daily diet. Here is our list of things that will make you feel better and good for stress...

Dark Chocolate

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of foods that are good for stress, is of course chocolate. Of course, we're talking about real dark chocolates with a high cocoa content... Processed desserts with too much sugar are not among the foods that are good for reducing tension and stress. Thanks to the polyphenols in dark chocolate, it lowers blood pressure and calms the body. It is also known that chocolate increases the happiness hormone called serotonin.


Foods that are good for stress include avocados that are indispensable for diets. This fruit provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety thanks to its unique fat structure. It regulates blood pressure and lowers the stress level of the body thanks to its potassium content.


Blueberry, which stands out among the fruits that are good for stress, is very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. You can consume this tiny fruit every meal of the day, which helps the body to balance its hormones with these properties. You can flavor the breakfast cereals with blueberries if you like.


It is not possible to make a list of foods that are good for reducing tension and stress without mentioning fish. The fish, which plays a very important role in the protection of overall health with its high omega-3 content, also falls into the category of relaxing foods. Regular consumption of fish with abundant fatty acids, especially salmon, protects your heart and psychology from stress-related disorders.


Asparagus, which usually goes well with meat and fish dishes, is among the good foods for relieving stress. Asparagus is very rich in folic acid, the deficiency of which can cause serious problems such as depression. You can also relieve stress in your life by adding asparagus in the oven next to grilled dishes or flavoring the omelet in breakfast with asparagus.


Complex carbohydrates are among the most important elements of the list of foods that are good for relieving tension and stress. Because complex carbohydrates like oats increase serotonin levels in the body. This reduces the stress level. In addition, oats regulate blood sugar thanks to their high fiber content. You can consume oats that you can eat by mixing with milk or yogurt at breakfast, or prepare oatmeal for yourself as a snack when you are hungry.

Black Beans

Black beans are one of the foods few people know. However, this legume is both among the foods that are good for relieving tension and stress and is quite delicious. Black beans, which support the central nervous system, are a nutrient that relaxes the body thanks to their magnesium content. This legume, which is consumed by boiling like classic navy beans, can be added to salads or sautéed meat dishes can be flavored with black beans.

Chamomile Tea

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to stress-relieving drinks is herbal teas. Among these teas, chamomile tea is the most well-known. Suggested for those with anxiety problems, chamomile tea relieves stress by relaxing the body and allows you to sleep more easily.


Another product that attracts attention in the herbal tea list that is good for relieving stress is sage. You can reduce the tension accumulated in your body and you can feel better by drinking sage tea, which allows you to relax physically and psychologically.

Whole-Grain Bread

We have just mentioned the relationship between foods that are good for relieving tension and stress and complex carbohydrates. In this context, whole-grain bread is one of the most important foods to be consumed. You can also prefer whole-grain bread in your meals instead of white bread. You can flavor these satisfying and nutritious bread, which will keep you full for a long time with Jr. SousChef's delicious and organic breakfast dips.