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Uplifting Nutrients That Make Your Day

Most of us are losing energy and have increasing stress with the summer months over and the weather getting cooler. If you are looking for a solution to your mood, you can seek it not far away, but in nature. So, what are the foods containing the happiness hormone that nature offers us? Imagine how uplifting foods can satisfy our mood and energy when even eating is enough to make us happy. Let's take a look at the uplifting foods we have prepared for you.

Boost Your Energy with Turkey Meat

Turkey meat is a very rich nutrient source in every aspect as it contains protein, selenium, and vitamin B12. And, of course, it's very rich in tryptophan. So what is tryptophan? Tryptophan is a substance that helps to supply the amino acid and happiness hormone that our body needs, also known as serotonin. Isn't that what we want? Turkey meat is one of the uplifting foods. As the weather gets cold, you can increase your decreasing energy with the turkey meat you will eat for lunch. You can also prepare the recipe of turkey dressing with tomato sauce to double or even triple the flavor of your turkey. You can use Jr. SousChef's tomato paste, which is unique in consistency and flavor in sauce making. You can enjoy the turkey, which is considered both healthy and uplifting.

Positively Influence the Emotional Part of Your Brain with Fish!

Omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish such as salmon positively affect the brain according to research conducted in the U.S. People who consume fish have omega-3 acids in their blood, and people who consume fish become more fun and positive than other people. We can say that fish are among the foods that give happiness to the brain. You can easily add brain-friendly fish to your meals. But take care to cook and consume it on the grill or in the oven to increase the positive effects of fish. If you wish, you can make a spicy dip with tomatoes, scallion, parsley, pepper paste, garlic, green pepper, mint, lemon juice or pomegranate molasses, olive oil, salt, and red pepper in it, and you can enjoy the fish, which is one of the uplifting foods.

Another Source of Tryptophan: Cheese

Cheese, which has its name among the uplifting foods, supports your bone and dental health thanks to its calcium, zinc, and phosphorus minerals. It also makes you feel happier as it contains serotonin. You can make a positive start to the day by consuming cheese for breakfast. However, the amount of fat in it may be very high depending on the processing. Therefore, it is also beneficial not to consume too much. You can also choose low-fat or non-fat cheese, which is among the nutrients containing the happiness hormone.

Increase Serotonin Levels with Peas

Peas, which have countless benefits, have also taken their place among the uplifting foods. You can eat peas, which is an important nutrient source, by adding them to any of the main meals to increase serotonin levels and you can feel better. Because peas, which are rich in phosphate, make you happy and are among the uplifting foods.

Spinach is Essential…

Spinach is one of the indispensable uplifting foods. Why? It contains the folic acid needed for our body, making it possible to produce serotonin, the happiness hormone. Spinach, one of the pleasant foods, also relieves your fatigue, calms your nerves, and allows you to feel calm. It strengthens your mind and makes it easier for you to learn.

You can add uplifting foods to your meals and you can feel better. If you wish, you can try Jr. SousChef's organic products in the preparation of foods or sauces and appetizers you will make with them, and you can double your happiness with delicious and healthy alternatives.