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The Essential of Kitchens: How to Prepare Tomato Purée?

Perhaps the most common and delicious of all winter preparation rituals is tomato purée. Tomato purée for winter, which is prepared with very few ingredients and practically, adds flavor and richness to different recipes. Tomatoes are a food whose nutritional values increase when cooked, so they are consumed as purée rather than raw, unlike many other vegetables. You can learn the details of consuming this useful and beneficial food fresh and naturally for months by taking a look at how tomato purée is prepared.

How to Make Tomato Purée?

First, 5 kg of tomatoes and 1 tbsp. coarse salt are sufficient for the tomato purée recipe. Make 2 separate plus-shaped scratches on the tops after washing the tomatoes. Then, rest the tomatoes in boiling water for about 1 minute, remove the tomatoes from the water, clean the green-yellow areas on the stems, and peel the softened skin by holding them from the places you scratched earlier. Clean and peel all the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces. Pour the tomatoes that you cut into small pieces into the food processor so that they are coarsely chopped.

Place the purée in a large pot and allow to cook over medium heat for about half an hour. Remember to remove foams that accumulate occasionally at the top while the tomatoes are cooked with a strainer. After boiling the tomato purée for half an hour, add the salt, stir, and turn off the heat after 5 minutes. Pour the purée into sterilized and dried jars before it cools. Allow to cool on the kitchen counter by tightly closing and turning the jars upside down. You can place the jars in a more suitable place after the purée completely cools.

What Tomatoes to Choose for Tomatoes Purée? 

It is of great importance which tomatoes you choose as much as how you prepare the tomato purée at home. The purée you make with tomatoes that are not suitable for tomato purée may deteriorate in a short time or you may obtain a rather tasteless result. You should choose the tomatoes called plum tomatoes and take extra care to find them natural. However, almost every product is used with phrases such as "natural" or "no additives" nowadays. You often buy non-natural or non-organic products since such expressions do not have any certainty.

Jr. SousChef takes tomatoes grown completely without additives in the regions of the Aegean and produces them in accordance with the organic agriculture principles determined by the Ministry and presents them to you with an organic agriculture certificate. Thus, you can easily reach 100% additive-free and organic tomatoes that you can use in your sauce recipes or meals without any question in your mind. Jr. SousChef offers you this privilege with all its products, as it is often very difficult to find all-natural foods in the market or on shelves. 


How to Use Tomato Purée?

You can use the tomato purée, which has managed to find its place in different recipes from pasta to juicy dishes, from soup to mezes, when preparing bolognese sauce, menemen mixture, spicy or sweet dips, and dozens of different juicy meal recipes. In addition, you can use organic tomato purée mixtures that you have prepared in delicious and creative recipes such as tomato pilaf, fried vegetables with tomato sauce, tomato pasta, tomato meatballs, tomato steak, and tomato soup.

Tomato purée, which you can prefer in saucy dishes, can turn into an important savior when tomato paste or tomatoes are not available. You can also use tomato purée, which can easily be adapted even with different recipes, by adding some thyme, mint, and similar green spices to your breakfast, especially on toasts.