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Taste All-Around: Our Provinces Famous for Meatballs

Chopped onions, stale bread, minced meat, fresh eggs, pure olive oil, a pinch of cumin, very little black pepper, and salt to taste... Meatball, which is one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, is always present on our tables with its breathtaking taste if eaten every day. Most of Turkey's easternmost to westernmost cities are the most delicious competitors determined to make you give it two thumbs up. And yet, it is almost impossible to get a single answer to the question “what place is famous for meatballs?” Let's take a look at the famous meatball varieties from the meatball paradise, Turkey:

You Can't Leave Bursa Without Eating This: İnegöl Meatballs

It's not just the cold weather coming from the Balkans. İnegöl meatballs are also one of the greatest meatballs. This grilled meatball is shaped in the form of short cylinders and fried in the pan. İnegöl meatballs, where the meat taste is more dominant than the spice, make up the inseparable quartet with roasted pepper, tomatoes, and pilaf. Going outside the provincial borders of Bursa without tasting this is equivalent to making menemen without tomatoes. That's the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to famous meatballs.

Worth the effort: Tekirdağ Meatballs

Tekirdağ meatballs, which are prepared from relatively oily parts of lamb and veal and pass through various tiring processes from its production to cooking, processing, and resting, are in a different flavor range with the semolina it contains. The delicious filling, which is left to rest in the refrigerator during the night, is kneaded thinly and long in the thickness of fingers and becomes ready to burst with flavor in your mouth. Rumelia's flavor is preferably served with red pepper paste.

Special for Garlic Lovers: Akçaabat Meatballs

Akçaabat meatball, which is shaped in palm width after being kneaded, is the gift of Trabzon’s flavor masters to Turkish cuisine. For this wonderful dish, which is consumed in a form close to our mothers’ meatballs with its oval and flat appearance, special veal meat without nerves and fat is preferred. The marketing genius behind this taste accompanied by local bread and piyaz is definitely garlic.

Even in the smallest dishes, one neighbor can help another: İzmir Meatballs

Izmir meatballs, which successfully appeal to gourmet tastes as the common taste of Turkish and Greek cuisines, are indispensable for special invitations and meals. Although it can be fried, another delicious dish cooked in the oven is the flavor of melting potatoes and peppers and plays to the top in the famous meatballs. The trick of parsley and spices manifests itself in this dish. Grated tomatoes and tomato paste used for sauce are sufficient reasons to make İzmir meatballs the most delicious of the meatball varieties.

Prepare Breads: Kırklareli Meatballs

Kırklareli meatballs, which has a completely unique flavor identity, cannot be eaten enough due to the taste smelling like the air and water of Thrace, although the shape reminds Akçaabat meatballs. Spice is not often included in this type of meatballs prepared from the brisket area of the male calves roaming in the rangeland and the mixture is allowed to rest in the refrigerator for a day. Sheep milk yogurt comes first in its service.

The Charm of Fire: Salihli Wood-Fired Meatballs

Minced lamb, flour, salt... There is no need for any other ingredient. This simple, enjoyable flavor, which quickly enters the list of famous meatballs, is named after the Salihli subprovince of Manisa. Oak branches add a distinct aroma to the meatballs, which are kneaded with flour and salt for ten minutes and mounted on skewers. Prepare the roasted tomatoes and peppers before eating the king of meatballs!

Not for its name, but for its taste: Tükürük Meatballs

Just throw the Tükürük (en. spit) meatballs in the pan to make the house look like a stadium. These tiny meatballs, made from the best of veal and lamb, look like they could be eaten in one bite. Who knows, maybe its name is because of its size. The trick is to pre-fry the onion in sunflower oil and add it to the mix, and we can say for sure that the taste is inversely proportional to its name. Eat quickly before it gets cold.

Not a quick-fix, but a perfect mix!

If you could find the answers to your question about what types of meatballs are and how many types of meatballs there are, it is time to add the charm to these delicious meatballs that you cook carefully. Bringing delicious products made of the most natural and non-additive tomatoes with the contributions of natural sunlight and clear water to your kitchens, flavor genius Jr. SousChef is ready to be included in your plate with organic barbecue sauce for your meatballs cooked in wood fire or grilled. Are you ready to put your signature under your famous meatballs?