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Prominent Food in British Cuisine

England, which has flat and wide plains, together with Wales, Ireland, and Scotland constitutes the United Kingdom. This cultural wealth is also reflected in British cuisine since it is a cosmopolitan country inhabited by hundreds of people from hundreds of nations. Okay, let's face it, Turkish cuisine isn't as wide and varied as Italian or French cuisine, but there's nothing to say about the flavor. Then let's all go deeper into the traditional British cuisine as we take a look at the eating and drinking habits of the British and look for answers to the question of what the British eat and drink. Here are the highlights of the classic British dishes that burst with flavor in your mouth.

The Importance of Red Lentil and Tomato Soup in British Cuisine

The red lentil and tomato soup, which is quite simple to make, is one of both delicious and nutritious British soups. You will need some broth to make the soup with the delicacies of English cuisine in addition to lentils and tomatoes. Vegetable broth can also be used if you are a vegetarian. Start making soup by putting the washed lentils in a pot with broth. Boil and cook for 10 minutes without putting on the lid. Then cover and cook for another 15 minutes on low heat. Put the lentil, broth, chopped tomatoes, and parsley in the food processor and mix until smooth when the cooking is complete. Put the soup back in the pot. Flavor with salt and pepper, and serve with some cream. If you wish, you can use Jr. SousChef's organic tomato purée to make the soup and crown the soup in these British recipes with a unique flavor.


Favorite of British Cuisine: Omelette Arnold Bennett


Arnold Bennett, who wrote about the life of British society, was a famous English novelist and playwright. You can see “Omelette Arnold Bennett” on the menu of some hotels when you go to London. Because the omelet he created may be more famous than himself. The author made this omelet specially for cooks while writing his last and longest novel at the Savoy Hotel. And over time, food became a British dish.


Mix half an onion and a few cloves to start cooking this delicious and interesting British dish. Pour the milk into a pan. Add bay leaf, black pepper, and onion to the milk. Boil the milk over low heat. Then dip the haddock in milk with the skin part of the haddock down. Cover it with a piece of oily paper. Boil until it shows signs of spillage when pressed on the haddock. Remove the haddock and allow it to cool. Cut into pieces by removing the skin and all bones. Drain some of the warm milk into the bowl. Melt the butter in a separate pan, add some flour to it, and stir. Add the warm milk and beat until a thick béchamel sauce is achieved and turn off the stove. Whisk the cream in a bowl and continue to stir by adding the Hollandaise and béchamel sauce that you have prepared or purchased in advance. Grease the omelet pan and cook by spicing and pouring the mixed eggs into the pan. Remove the pan from the heat and add the haddock to the omelet. Divide into preheated plates. Pour prepared sauces on the fish until the fish is fully covered and grill until it is golden brown. Enjoy this British dish, a famous author's invention, served with parmesan cheese.


Sunday's Indispensable Traditional Lunch: Sunday Roast


The answer to the question of what the British eat on special occasions is Sunday Roast. Sunday Roast, which is served on Sunday afternoons as can be understood from its name, can be made with all kinds of meat. In short, Sunday Roast is the baking of beef, chicken, or pork together with vegetables such as boiled potatoes and peas. If you want to prepare the Sunday Roast, which has an important place among British dishes, you must first decide with which meat you want to cook it, and then cook the meat you choose over low heat. You should flavor the cooked meat with salt and pepper. Place in a preheated oven at 250°C and leave in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Cut as thin slices as possible, serve with potatoes and steamed vegetables. Here comes the famous British dish!


Essential British Food: Navy Beans


And of course, the indispensable flavor of British cuisine is navy beans... Everybody knows about the English breakfast. Navy beans are not served on the lunch or dinner menu but at breakfast. The difference from the Turkish way is the use of mustard, ketchup, maple syrup, brown sugar, and lemon juice. And baking in the oven. If you want to try navy beans or different British dishes that stand out in British cuisine, you should make sure that the ingredients you will use are natural and organic to increase the flavor of the dishes. By choosing Jr. SousChef's tomato paste and tomato purée and organic ketchup, you can flavor your delicious dishes and offer healthy alternatives to yourself and your loved ones.