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Our Favorite Italian Delicacies

Italian flavors, which have plenty of delicious recipes where soft dough dances with fresh tomatoes and various kinds of cheese, are pretty similar to Turkish cuisine. Italian cuisine, mind-blowing with its appetizers, is a flavor parade we're familiar with, as well as with hundreds of kinds of pasta and sauces that need crafty hands, with its famous pizza slices and Italian cuisine snacks.



Cheese Feast: Parmesan or Mozzarella?



Italy, which has emphasized culinary love for centuries with the proverb "Appetite comes with eating", is a cheese paradise from north to south. The Italians, who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, are far from the philosophy of "eating for a living" and go to the kitchen just because they enjoy it, have a wide range of cheese from mozzarella to ricotta, parmesan to pecorino. We are sure you may be surprised if we tell you that this number is around 400. Italians frequently use cheese in lasagna, where Turks often can't stop eating pasta and pizza, as well as their practical and grilled panini sandwiches and lasagna with béchamel sauce. Especially considering the lasagna blended with soft meat and a wide variety of cheeses, which gives the consumer a palate feast, it is impossible not to agree with Garfield, the lazy and gluttonous cat...



Tomato Legend: Bruschetta with Wine



Nearly no Turk can say no to the kitchen of the place where you eat countless bruschetta with aged wine. Italian cuisine is starred by snacks. From milk cream cheese to tomato, fig to bay leaf, pepper to artichoke, a practical bruschetta with dozens of different recipes that can fit on a slice of toasted bread is actually one of the most famous Italian cuisine snacks, also known as “garlic tomato bread”... A Tuscan wine with scented and delicious tomatoes can take you on a journey of flavor. Italy, the second-largest wine producer in the world, grows grapes everywhere, often includes this alcoholic drink in its meals. Wine with bruschetta is among the tastes that should be tried. You can visit our Dips page for Jr. SousChef's natural, healthy Bruschetta varieties.



 Pasta’s Makeup: Napolitana Sauce



If you're looking for a practical Italian sauce recipe, your first stop will be Napolitana sauce. Napolitana sauce, in which onions and garlic roasted in olive oil are prepared with the freshest tomato paste and tomatoes, is both practical and "one of us" sauce with the basil it contains. Neapolitan sauce, which perfectly fits pasta, the most famous dish of Italians, draws attention with its ingredients compatible with Turkish cuisine. Dozens of different kinds of pasta such as spaghetti, fusilli, and penne perfectly wear Napolitana sauce as a costume, soon became one of the most important pieces of our lives as a magical flavor brought by the famous explorer Marco Polo when he returned from China at the end of the 1200s. In addition, it is not possible not to mention the suitability of fettuccine Alfredo and penne arrabbiata to Turkish taste. The main features of Italian cuisine are their wines, cheeses, and pastries, as well as their sauces that give identity to these pastries. Italy's famous dishes are prepared with the freshest foods rich in vitamins.



Crown Jewel of Both Countries: Pastry



Now it's time for the skillfully constructed technical and ingredient expertise. Turkish cuisine, which affects not only the foundation of the Middle East and the Balkans but also the entire world cuisine and has an inventive taste ranging from manti to cowpeas, stews to stuffed grape leaves, is accepted as the embodiment of culinary love with its famous chefs in the world. One of the Italian flavors that Turkey's people are passionate about is garlic bread, which has close contact with a pastry such as a patty, pastry buns, gözleme, and pasta. This flavor, consisting of a legendary combination of garlic, thyme, mint, oil, and yeast, gives the garlic, which has an important place in Turkish cuisine, the value it deserves. The peak of Italian and Turkish cuisine similarities also manifests itself in baked pizza dough, calzone bruschettas. We can hear you consider them as folded Turkish pita. Before we forget, you can also travel over the clouds by dipping your calzone bruschettas in Napolitana sauce.



Collecting Crumbs with Your Finger?



We know that you don't want to waste a single grain of garlic bread or margaritas. Italian and Turkish cuisines are very similar to each other, as their people. Practical sauces have an important place in both countries' cuisines, which frequently include tomatoes, which are both flavorful, aromatic, and rich in vitamins. For this reason, it is very difficult for gourmets to quickly answer the question "Italian cuisine or Turkish cuisine?"



Jr. SousChef is ready to beautify your tables with organic Napolitana sauce that will flavor the folded Italian pizza, calzone by bringing back the concepts of organic products, careful farming, good, and fresh crops.  Italian cuisine awaits those who are looking for a perfect flavor for their snacks.