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Green Meets the Red: Basil Tomato Sauce!

The most delicious companion of Italian pasta, basil tomato sauce, offers flavor bursts in the palate when cooked correctly. This light flavor from Italy, where pasta comes from, is extremely easy to prepare at home. And with just a few ingredients...

How to Make Basil Pasta Sauce?

Garlic is the first thing you need for a flavor as if you were eating a delicious pasta with basil sauce in Italy. You can take the first step of a delicious sauce by crushing 4 cloves of garlic with a pinch of salt. 4 tomatoes will also be the foundation of your sauce. You can dice or grate the tomatoes. The important thing here is that the tomatoes are peeled. Add garlic into four tablespoons of olive oil and roast over low heat for 15-20 seconds. Garlic burns easily, so add the tomatoes without roasting for a long time.  At this step, you can add a teaspoon of sugar to balance the unique sour nature of the tomato. Add a tablespoon of vinegar so that you improve the taste of the sauce. You can flavor your sauce with 1 tsp. salt and black pepper. You can add a bunch of finely chopped fresh basil to your sauce that has been boiling for about 10 minutes, and turn off the heat. 

How to Use Tomatoes for Basil Pasta Sauce?

The secret to cooking a delicious tomato basil pasta sauce like a professional chef is in tomatoes. A pasta sauce made of organic and seasonal tomatoes will bring the Italian breeze to your kitchen. Be mindful of the dark red colors and intense smell of the tomatoes you choose. It is also extremely important to use fresh tomatoes for a delicious tomato sauce. It is not possible to cook an ideal pasta sauce with a tomato waiting in the deep freezer or weeks after being detached from its branch.

What is the Secret of a Delicious Tomato Basil Pasta?

The choice of pasta that can ideally reflect the sauce is also very important for a truly delicious tomato and basil pasta. Basil tomato sauce is a thin sauce. Therefore, spaghetti or linguine are the kinds of pasta that best reflect this sauce. Flavors containing aromatic notes such as basil, garlic, tomatoes come to the forefront more when cooked al dente whereas the Turkish palate is used to a little overcooked pasta. Al dente is a pasta cooking style described as “pasta cooked to be firm to the bite”. Considerations for al dente pasta are salt, pasta, and water ratio. Italians apply the rule of 10, 100, 1000 for an ideally cooked pasta. So, 10 gr salt, 100 gr pasta, 1000 gr (1 liter) water. The ideal cooking time of the al dente method is 8 minutes over medium heat. Basil and garlic content is also of great importance in terms of ideal aroma. Remember, the most important complement to the sense of taste is the smell. Therefore, the aromatic intensity of the ingredients used is among the indispensable elements of Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian and Turkish cuisine.

What is the Most Practical Way to Make Tomato Basil Pasta?

Don't be upset if you are not in the summer season when tomatoes are healthy and delicious, basils fascinate with their fragrance, or if you want to offer a delicious pasta to your sudden guests. Jr. SousChef offers you basil tomato sauce in its most delicious form, without using any additives. Jars without additives by collecting tomatoes grown in the Aegean's specialized lands for natural and organic agriculture on time. The crushed tomatoes, which are not exposed to any pesticides, are removed. Tomatoes, which are quickly processed as soon as they are collected from their branches, meet basil in accordance with the recipes prepared by experts. All you have to do is cook your pasta and blend it with this taste. You can achieve the flavor of famous Italian cooks in 10 minutes.

Bon appétit.