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Getting rid of your excess weight as soon as possible: Mediterranean Diet

Unlimited vegetables, low-fat dairy products, healthy oils, and limited red meat... Here are the fundamentals of the famous Mediterranean diet that will double the pace of your life, multiply your energy, and make peace with mirrors!



Get The Measuring Tapes!



Because measuring this miracle will be your most natural right. The Mediterranean diet, which is carried out without starving and fatiguing the body, is almost suitable for Turkish people with palatal delight. This diet, which you can consume by changing the grain type, will ensure that you are always fit and, more importantly, full if it turns into a lifestyle over time. It's time to say hello to healthy and low-calorie foods with the Mediterranean diet list!



Answer to the question “What is Mediterranean Diet”: Both Full and Fit



Curly lettuce to tomato, cucumber to arugula, parsley to bell pepper... Low-fat dairy products, eggs, olive oil, tuna, and bulgur pilaf can be consumed in Mediterranean cuisine where it is recommended to consume vegetables abundantly, and red meat consumption is limited to save the body from intensive "digestive work," whole grains are at the top of the list and dessert is replaced by fruits. This diet, which also embraces nuts and makes them an important part of snacks, does not spring strict prohibitions to mind.

What Are the Prohibited Foods?

Of course, some foods are excluded from the list even though there are not very strict prohibitions in this diet, which plans your meals inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. These foods include both unhealthy and processed foods such as margarine, butter, sugar, salami, sausage, and sujuk. The red meat and dessert group are among the foods that should be kept at a distance and consumed rarely.


The Holy of the Mediterranean Diet: Olives!