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Foods to Improve Your Muscle Mass

Having a healthy and muscular body is the dream of many people. However, you may not achieve the muscle mass you want by spending most of your time in gyms. In addition to sports, you need to give muscle-building foods place in your life to strengthen your muscles. So what are among the muscle-building foods and drinks?

Protein-Source Egg


You should take the options with high protein content to the top of your list when choosing muscle-building foods. Eggs, which first spring to mind when it comes to protein sources, rank first in the list of foods that build muscles. The egg helps muscle growth, muscle healing, and strengthening. You can also support the egg with nutrient-rich vegetables, such as avocado, which is also a group of muscle-building foods.


Number-One Friends of Muscles: White Meat


The body switches to recovery mode after heavy and strenuous training to build muscles. Good nutrition of the body ensures that the desired result is obtained in the following process. It is important to support the body after training with muscle-building foods. If you like, you can boil some dried tomatoes and consume them with the chicken. If you wish, you can flavor your chicken with Jr. SousChef's organic barbecue sauce, the perfect companion of white meat. Grilled chicken, which is among muscle-building foods, is a perfect balancing meal, especially after exercise. Red and white meat, which are indispensable for the muscle-building food group, increases body resistance over time.



Did you know that Leafy Greens Improve Your Muscles?



Do not ignore the importance of leafy greens, although they do not first spring to mind when it comes to muscle-building foods. Spinach, which is one of the protein-rich foods, in particular, contributes positively to muscle development. Kale is also rich in vitamins and minerals and can be considered among the muscle-building foods you can consume.



Soybeans for Vegans



Soybeans, one of the muscle-building foods, are a good alternative for those who favor vegetable-based diets. The 9 basic amino acids found in soybeans support the rapid formation of muscles. You can add soybeans to your salads and flavor them with Jr. SousChef's organic pomegranate molasses.



Improve Muscles with Pineapple



You might be surprised when you see pineapple on the list of muscle-building foods. But pineapple not only strengthens the muscles but also prevents inflammation in the muscles while it helps break down proteins. Pineapple, one of the muscle-building foods, also relieves pain after sports. You can add pineapple to your lettuce salad and make it a perfect meal.



Excellent Trio: Peanut-Almond-Hazelnut



Apart from being a rich nutrition source, muscle-building foods that keep you fit during sports provide the energy you need during the day thanks to their antioxidant feature. Nuts activate the growth hormone. It is also a good option to close the gap when you have difficulty in accessing muscle-building foods during the day.



The Essential of Tables: Omega-3 Source Fish



Fatty fish such as salmon or tuna are among the leading muscle-building foods. The high omega-3 found in the fish not only paves the way for increasing muscle mass but also for strengthening the bones. Muscle-building foods like fish increase the effect of sports.



Make Room for Grains in Your Life



Grains are among the indispensables of muscle-building foods. Legumes that regulate blood sugar are an alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Green lentils, quinoa, beans, shell beans, almonds, and walnuts can also be added to the muscle-building food group. You can flavor muscle-building foods with dips or various natural sauces.

Prefer Organic and Natural Products

You should prefer organic and natural products in your meals if you do not want to give up your health while increasing your muscle ratio. You should choose organic and natural ones regardless of grain, fruit, or meat, and make sure that packaged products such as ketchup, dip, or sauce that flavor them are produced with the right agricultural practices. You both eat healthily and increase muscle mass with muscle-building foods in this way. At this point, Jr. SousChef is ready to flavor your sports foods with its natural and non-additive products. You can find all the flavor elements that you will need without dips, pomegranate juice, ketchup, and barbecue sauce in Jr. SousChef and add flavor to your dishes and salads.