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Delicacy You Can't-Wait to Taste; Tomato Omelette

Of course, the first way to start the day with energy and fitness is through a delicious breakfast. Preparation of omelets consumed with organic products at any time of the day, especially during breakfast with a glass of hot tea, also offers you a healthy breakfast opportunity. Today, the most special vegetables and fruits are organic. These carefully cultivated foods never contain substances harmful to the human body, such as artificial drugs, colorants, preservatives, and hormones. It is also an important detail to make the omelet with organic products in order to be healthy. Tomato omelet recipes made with tomatoes, which are sources of vitamins, are indispensable for breakfast tables with their delicious taste and unique smell. Jr. SousChef's Organic Tomato Products are grown on the basis of organic agriculture with a story starting from 100% organic seed and presented to you with glass jars. You can prepare an omelet filled with both flavor and health with organic Jr. SousChef's tomato purée, which you can choose instead of tomatoes, which is the first choice of anyone who wants to prepare your tomato omelet recipes in a healthy way.


How to cook tomato omelets?

Ingredients for tomato omelets:



Tomato Omelette Recipe:


Pour 4-5 tbsp. vegetable oil into your pan. Add the organic Jr. SousChef's tomato purée to the heated oil and cook slightly over low heat. Add the eggs, salt, and black pepper in a separate bowl and mix with an egg beater. Pour the mixture over the tomatoes and stir once and put on the lid. Cook over low heat and remove from the stove. Serve hot, enjoy.


How many calories does tomato omelet have?

The tomato omelet, which is both satisfying and delicious and consumed with pleasure, is 203 calories per 100 gr. You can also add cheese or pepper if you want to add different flavors to your tomato omelet. You can also make a tomato omelet with cheese by adding kasseri or Ezine cheese to your tomato omelet. Add 100 g grated kasseri or Ezine cheese to the scrambled egg, salt, pepper mixture that you will add to the organic tomato purée cooked over low heat. Pour this mixture on your tomatoes and put it on the lid. Serve your omelet hot.


How about Tomato-Pepper Omelette?

Everybody knows how important vitamins are to a healthy immune system. Vitamin C also prevents bacterial infections and is effective in significantly strengthening your immunity. Pepper is also one of the best sources of vitamin C. You can prepare organic tomato-pepper omelets for a fresh breakfast by adding 2-3 peppers for a healthy and energizing breakfast in winter. Roast the peppers first and add the organic tomato purée. Cook over low heat and add the scrambled egg, salt, and pepper mixture you have prepared. Turn off the heat and serve your omelet hot.


Have you ever tried Dried Tomato Omelette?

Those who have never tasted a dried tomato omelet may have missed a lot... But it's okay, with Jr. SousChef's dried organic tomato dip, you can immediately roll up your sleeves for this recipe. Dried tomato dip prepared with rock salt and tomatoes dried under the sun will add a unique taste to your omelet with its thick consistency. Your omelet, which you will prepare just like tomato omelet but use dried tomato dip instead of tomato purée, will be one of your favorites. Jr. SousChef, which respects nature and acts with organic agriculture and attaches importance to healthy food consumed for future generations, makes its products entirely from organic tomatoes. You can enjoy Jr. SousChef's organic tomato purée and dried tomato dip.