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A Traditional Touch on Pasta! Napolitana Sauce

Napolitana sauce is known for creating a taste that rises with the traditional flavors of all Italy, just like pasta and pizza, fresh tomatoes grown in the fertile lands of Naples, southern Italy. Tomato, which has become the main ingredient of many dishes in Italian cuisine, is among the impressive flavors that surrounded the world in a short time. If you're wondering how tomatoes turn into such an attractive pasta sauce, you can start peeling tomatoes.

How to Prepare Napolitana Sauce?

For the Napolitana sauce you will prepare, you need four large tomatoes and you need to carefully peel and grate them. Crush three or four cloves of garlic with the straight edge of the knife. You can slice the garlic with a knife and press over them if you want to make the garlic a little more purée. Add three tbsp. of olive oil in a saucepan. Add the garlic to the saucepan when the olive oil starts to heat. Add the grated tomatoes you prepared after you start to smell the garlic. 

It is often known in Italian cuisine that bay leaves, thyme, black pepper, mushrooms, celery in some varieties, or carrots give Napolitana sauce a richer taste. Of course, the classic flavor that best suits this sauce is the fresh bay leaves of all the flavors. Place the fresh basils that you have sliced on the tomatoes, add a little black pepper with salt and stir gently, allowing the sauce to cook for an average of three to five minutes. Here's your Napolitana sauce.

What is Napolitana Sauce Used With?

It is no coincidence that this wonderful taste has become a good pasta sauce. It is also possible to find this harmonious combination of Napolitana sauce and pasta in traditional kitchen secrets. Especially spaghetti Napolitana has become one of the special flavors of our tables since the Italians discovered the delicate taste of this combination. You can mix spaghetti cooked al dente with this delicious sauce and enjoy it. You can also try pasta recipes with Napolitana sauce apart from spaghetti. It is also possible to use Napolitana sauce with different dishes suitable for your taste apart from using it with pasta.

What Tomatoes to Choose for Delicious Napolitana Sauce?

Tomatoes are one of nature's miraculous gifts to humans, whose nutritional value increases as they are cooked. Experts recommend that tomatoes should be consumed mostly in purée, tomato paste, or canned forms. Perhaps that's why all traditional kitchens capitalize on this great flavor by cooking tomatoes or making them available for long-term use in tomato paste and similar forms. Of course, all those wonderful dishes can achieve this beautiful taste, provided they are prepared with good tomatoes. 

A good choice of tomatoes becomes one of the finest details to prepare a delicious Napolitana sauce. Many food products offered to the consumer as a ready-to-eat pasta sauce or easy pasta sauce are available on shelves with no additives or natural labels. But in reality, it's not that easy to be sure.

Completely additive-free Jr. SousChef’s products provide you with everything you need to prepare a delicious tomato sauce. Tomato production takes place in fertile plains dedicated to organic agriculture in the Aegean Region, all production conditions are shaped according to the organic agriculture principles determined by the competent institutions. Harvested organic field tomatoes are included in the production in factories without wasting any time. You can comfortably use Jr. SousChef’s products, where no additives are used, are pasteurized, and stored by going through a production process free of various chemicals, in your meals. 

Starting with the motto of natural taste, healthy life, and delicious meals, Jr. SousChef aims to produce unique flavors by blending several kinds of tomatoes. At the end of all production stages, you can safely consume these organic products, which are offered for sale with a ministry-approved organic certificate after undergoing the necessary inspections.