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5 Different Delights of Dried Tomatoes

Rich in antioxidants, tomatoes that collect vitamin D from the sun, lycopene, and vitamin C in themselves lose their watery properties under the sun and becomes dried. The drying process, in which plum tomatoes are preferred, takes 4 to 10 days. Dried tomatoes, which lose an average weight of around 90 percent, require a minimum of 14-15 kilograms of fresh tomatoes per kilogram. Ripe tomatoes, which retain their nutritional value when dried, also inspire delicious dried tomato recipes. Dried tomatoes, which give taste to salads, bread, pasta, manti, soup, and pilaf, also manifest themselves successfully in meatball mixtures. Dried tomatoes with high nutritional value have important benefits because they contain more vitamins and higher potassium than fresh ones and prevent constipation by regulating the digestive system. So what do you do with dried tomatoes? Here are dried-tomato recipes loaded with a gold worth of vitamins…



Quickly Ready: Dried-Tomato Salad



Dried tomato salad is a strong flavor served as a meze that you can't get enough of no matter what you eat, whether with breakfast or dinner. The flavor and consistency of 10-12 dry tomatoes after softened in hot water for about 10 minutes is a legendary flavor when it meets a few beaten or grated garlic cloves. After being thoroughly filtered, this recipe is enriched with spices such as basil, pepper, thyme, and salt, and  it is combined with coarsely chopped walnuts to find its true flavor after being dressed with olive oil. This practical meze, made with a few main ingredients, always takes its place in the head corner as an indispensable part of the tables.



Both Crispy and Rich in Vitamins: Dried Tomato Pastry Bun



Dried tomatoes are in great harmony with many different flavors in this recipe, where they are included in the pastry buns consumed by millions. In the dried tomato pastry bun recipe, where 3 glasses of flour egg whites, baking powder, vegetable oil, yogurt, salt, a tea glass of dried tomatoes, which plays a leading role with olives, the dough become a flavor elixir after the kneading process with the addition of dill. The rest is very familiar and practical! Pieces of dough of the desired size are cut and arranged in a tray filled with oily paper and covered with egg yolk for the indispensable "crispy" texture.



For Breakfasts Rich in Vitamins: Dried Tomato Bread



Dried tomato bread, a recipe that will make you forget the diet and calorie calculation, begins its journey with half a kilo of flour added into a deep container. Dried tomatoes rich in lycopene and salt are added to the dough blended with fresh yeast, olive oil, and thyme kept in hot water. All you need after resting is a highly heated oven. Bread fermentation duration is important. You'll have to be a little patient to taste this amazing recipe.



Taste in Mixture: Dried Tomato Pasta



It's time for the magic touch in the mixture of the pasta that you classically put in the water and boil. Get ready to create a flavor masterpiece with a dried tomato pasta recipe that will make you want a second plate. Approximately 100 grams of dried tomatoes are placed in the pot after the pasta is drained and preferably deep-fried in a little oil with mushrooms. 2-3 cloves of garlic to be added into this sauce double the charm of the pasta. It is up to you to enhance your pasta's flavor by grating parmesan cheese, which is Italy's gift to world cuisines, and putting a few branches of basil on your plate.

Wonderful Harmony with Butter: Dried Tomato Pilaf



Just as Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, a pilaf with shiny grains covered in butter and falling from your spoon is the masterpiece, in other words, the signature of a skilled cook. Two of the most important tricks for dried tomato pilaf, which needs at least 9 slices of dried tomatoes, are roasting the rice until it begins to "bounce" in the pot and putting the butter in the pot while rice is in the process of absorbing the water. Now, enjoy your pilaf after resting for 10-15 minutes.


Jr. SousChef's Organic Dried Tomatoes, which you can consume comfortably, are made from tomatoes ripened with organic agricultural practices in the Aegean Region. Products that are sun-dried with rock salt do not contain preservatives, additives, or colorants. Sun-dried tomatoes are re-washed to remove dust and re-dried in special ovens. Dried tomatoes, which you can find in cooking, dip, tomato paste, and liquid purée forms, are ready to be the main actor of your organic recipes with the signature and expertise of Jr. SousChef in your carefully prepared dishes! Try it; you'll love it.