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12 Delicious Foods With Ketchup

Ketchup is a legendary sauce that adds flavor to the dishes with ingredients such as tomatoes, chili pepper, onion, garlic, vinegar, and a wonderful mixture of spices! Especially a flavor that suits snacks very well and is indispensable. French fries, pasta, hamburger, pizza, meatballs, fried chicken are just a few of the foods that get better with ketchup.



Why Do Foods with Ketchup Get More Delicious?



You can often throw ketchup in your basket without thinking when you go grocery shopping. You may prefer simple and light meals and eliminate the day's fatigue with ketchup after a tiring day. Ketchup, which is produced from the most delicious tomatoes of the season and reaches your table, takes its place on your table every day because it suits almost every taste and palate. But beware! You should prefer organic bottles of ketchup that do not contain preservatives and additives. In terms of both health and taste! Now it's time to increase your appetite with some ketchup!



Nobody Says No to a Delicious Pizza!



You love pizza so much, but you always want to make your own pizza instead of eating it outside? Here is a delicious pizza recipe made with ketchup.






  • 3 glasses of flour
  • 1 dstspn. instant yeast
  • 1 glass of warm water
  • Less than 1 dstspn. sugar
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp. salt






Put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Mix sugar and yeast in half a glass of warm water and allow for 10 minutes. Add the mixture of salt, oil, and yeast to the flour. Add the water and knead to obtain dough and allow it to ferment. Prepare the pizza sauce, which will give the pizza a great taste, with some tomato paste and ketchup in another bowl, and spread it on the tray, and add grated kasseri cheese. Sprinkle the ingredients you want on it according to your taste and put them in the oven. You can add mayonnaise and mustard to this flavor, which is among foods with ketchup according to your taste. That's it!



The Essential Ingredient of Homemade Hamburger Recipe: Ketchup



Add 1 tbsp. mustard, salt, pepper, and 2 tbsp. ketchup when you knead 700 g of minced meat without bread, and the name of the flavor will be Hamburger Patty! Perhaps the most favorite of all the dishes made with ketchup. You don't have to knead it with all your strength, as in meatballs. Just blend it gently. Don't forget to add mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise to your hamburger, which is also among the foods with ketchup, after cooking with a little oil in the pan.



Everyone Likes It: French Fries



One of the most delicious foods with ketchup is undoubtedly French fries! A unique and easy dish that every person, regardless of whether it is young or old, can never give up. Peel enough potatoes and chop into thin slices. Then deep fry the potatoes. If you prefer olive oil, you can get both a healthy and more delicious taste. Serve with ketchup!



The Most Special of Foods with Ketchup: Ayvalık Toast



Toast is indispensable for breakfast and fast dinners. An indescribable combination of sujuk, cheddar, gherkins, and ketchup... This timeless taste remains one of the most practical dishes when you place sujuk and cheese between 2 pieces of toast with ketchup and mayonnaise in it.



You Won't Believe This!



The most interesting food with ketchup you may never have heard of is popcorn! Yes, you didn't hear wrong. You should definitely try it by pouring ketchup when popping them with salt in liquid oil over low heat. You may also like it very much.



Easiest Recipe Among Foods with Ketchup: Pasta



The easiest food to pour ketchup is undoubtedly pasta. Pasta is generally called "student food" due to its cheap and fast cooking. Pasta is one of the most easily cooked dishes with ketchup. The only thing to do is to put the pasta in boiling water and cook for 10-12 minutes. You do not need to add oil to the pasta water even though we are in the habit of adding some oil to the pasta water. We guarantee it won't stick. Just a little salt is enough! It's delicious when you pour ketchup and mayonnaise on it!



A Nutritious and Delicious Recipe: Meatballs



It is a dish that is both visually great and delicious as a result of kneading and shaping meat, onions, and spices. It can be served with fried or grilled potatoes, depending on your taste. If you want to eat this delicious dish, which is among foods with ketchup as a meatball sandwich, make sure to add lettuce and tomatoes.



The Most Interesting One of Ketchup Recipes!



Pilaf is one of the strong dishes that will never lose its place in Turkish cuisine to another dish. Although the first food springs to mind when it comes to pilaf is navy beans, we will have an interesting suggestion. You should try butter baked rice with ketchup, which turns into a delicious dish as a result of cooking until the water added to it is absorbed. Once you taste this dish, you can add it to the top of the foods with ketchup.



Is Ketchup-free Kumpir Called Kumpir?



Among the foods with ketchup is the incredible taste resulting from the mixture of roasted potatoes with kasseri cheese and butter: Kumpir! You cannot eat kumpir, which is delicious, filling, and accompanied by extremely satisfying mezes without pouring ketchup on it! It is also possible to make kumpir at home. How? Boil and crush the potatoes, add the butter and kasseri cheese and mix well. Spread on tray and bake in the oven, serve with mezes of your choice. You can also make baked potatoes in the oven. Make sure that the potatoes are large.



Unique Taste Among Foods with Ketchup: Fried Chicken



Another recipe for ketchup is fried chicken. Chicken takes its place as one of the most consumed foods in Turkey and the world. How about adding ketchup to this delicacy? You should also try the crispy fried chicken with ketchup.



The Most Loved of All Breakfasts, Omelette



A delicious recipe for breakfast or as a snack, an omelet is a practical recipe made from a mixture of eggs and flour and the ingredients you want. It can also be a very delicious snack with ketchup, although the omelet that everyone can easily make is not among the foods with ketchup. You should try it.



You can find the most delicious and natural sauces to help you make all recipes on the Jr SousChef's blog page. You can comfortably prepare meals for your family with delicious organic bottles of ketchup made from seasonal ripe tomatoes, packed meticulously, and in accordance with all health conditions.