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10 Mexican Dishes That Spice Lovers Can't Give Up

Mexican cuisine is famous for its abundant hot sauces, flavors, and complex recipes with delicious burning-hotness. This delicious cuisine, which appeals to those who cannot give up spicy dishes, contains many different recipes that bear traces of the culture it is named for. Mexican cuisine recipes with plenty of tomatoes, chili, and tortilla bread include flavors that can be easily prepared at home and take you on a journey to the other side of the world while sitting at home. Here are the delicious and spicy Mexican dishes that will cheer your palate while burning your insides...


  1. Salsa




Let's start with the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Mexican cuisine: Salsa. This mixture, also known as Mexican sauce, is the foundation of Mexican cuisine. Because this tomato mixture, which is consumed along with dishes, is also used in many recipes. What you need for this sauce, which is quite simple to make at home, is fresh tomatoes, onions, and spices. To make salsa at home, you can use Jr. SousChef’s organic tomato purée. You can blend these mixes with spices and use them for all kinds of Mexican recipes.


  1. Fajita




The fajita, which attracts attention with its special place among Mexican dishes, is consumed all over the world today. This dish, which is prepared by sautéing chicken, meat, or fish on high heat, is also served with colorful and spicy peppers sautéed in the same way. And, of course, a Mexican cuisine classic tortilla bread. The fajita, which steals hearts with its smoky smoke and appetizing scent, is a very popular Mexican dish.


  1. Taco




Mexican cuisine also has delicious snacks. This dish, which is put between lightly fried and crispy tortilla bread, is made with roasted minced meat, meat, or chicken sauté, colorful peppers, and spicy sauce, and cheers the palates up. Taco is usually sold in Mexico as a snack that is eaten by hand while walking down the street.


  1. Nachos




Nachos, which are considered the most famous Mexican dishes along with tacos, are also a snack starring tortilla bread. Triangular tortilla bread can also be served with hot and colorful pepper, Mexican beans, cheese, and various Mexican sauces and nachos can be made with meat or chicken.


  1. Churros




Mexico is not a country known for its desserts. It’s more famous for its spicy dishes. But that doesn't mean there aren't delicious desserts in Mexican cuisine. South American dessert churro, which is enjoyed all over the world, has become very popular in Turkey recently. It is served with cinnamon and melted chocolate cream sprinkled on churros, which appear as fried sugar dough, which is typically similar to semolina doughnuts.


  1. Enchilada




Here's the spiciest of all Mexican cuisine recipes. It is no exaggeration to say that this dish, which resembles baked burritos, burns the palates. It is prepared by wrapping the inside mixture made with chicken, onion, salsa, and pepper in enchilada between tortilla bread.


  1. Burrito




Burritos are among the Mexican dishes made with tortilla bread. The burrito, which looks like a wrap, includes rice, meat, or chicken, colorful peppers, cheese, Mexican beans. And salsa is a must for burritos. You can remove any ingredients you want while you try them at home.


  1. Chili Con Carne




In fact, Mexican cuisine resembles Turkish cuisine in some ways. Chili con carne is also a flavor that can match our palate. Chili con carne, an intensely juicy dish made from Mexican beans, uses plenty of spices, minced meat, corn, and tomato paste. When you try it at home, you can find natural pastes that will add a different flavor to the recipe among Jr. SousChef’s products.


  1. Tamale




Originally Aztec, tamale has a completely different place among Mexican cuisine recipes. This dish, which is prepared with chicken or meat mixture among the corn leaves, steals hearts with its appearance. Tamale, like all Mexican dishes, is full of plenty of chili peppers.


  1. Quesadilla




Quesadilla is among the most well-known Mexican dishes in our country. This dish, which is made by placing meat, chicken, chili pepper, and onion between two tortilla bread, is both satisfying and delicious. You can try this recipe served with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa at home by using Jr. SousChef's tomato dip varieties as a sauce.